Tuesday, May 3, 2011

DVD review: Element Ballet Conditioning

if you're looking to add a new workout to your training schedule, one that is unlike what you are currently doing, i highly recommend Element Ballet Conditioning. this ballet workout is seamless, easy to follow and gorgeously led by instructor Elise Gulan.

i have been incorporating this workout dvd into my own schedule twice a week for the last 8 weeks and it has given me fabulous results (not to mention is a perfect compliment to my yoga and pilates practices}.

even if you already train your lower body with weights, you're still going to find this workout challenging. it's because of the fact that you have to use the smaller, stabilizing, supporting muscles rather than the larger muscles, like quads and hamstrings (though you will still have to use them in this workout). it's these muscles that tend to be undertrained. by making them work, the body is forced to change.

that's what happened for me!

Ballet Conditioning includes pliés and tondues, port de bras and rond de jambes, as well as other easy-to-follow sequences that incorporate subtle variations (tempo changes, movement progressions, pulses and holds-- yikes, those were tough at first!). a short cardio segment toward the end is a series of fast-moving kicks, jumps and plyo-pliés, and the workout ends with pilates core work and a fabulous stretch.

in addition to shrinking thighs, Ballet Conditioning has brought a refreshing joy to my fitness lifestyle. i have always had a love for ballet (i never took classes, but was obsessed with it as a child), so now being able to do it for fitness couldn't be more fun!

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